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From the Pastor's Pen - May 5, 2020

Good morning all,

I Pray everyone is okay and of sound mind, safe and Healthy! As time goes on and the pandemic is still going strong, Kentucky is opening up some of the workplaces. How are we feeling about this? Some of us have gone back to work, some of us never stopped working. Some are wondering what tomorrow holds. Matthew 6:34 says "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

We are stuck in quarantine, many of us worry about what is going to happen in the future. Are we going to be able to go back to work? Are the children going back to school in 2020? Are we going to be able to pay our bills? Even when we return to what used to be the norm, are things going to be back to how they used to be? There is anxiety in everyone, even Christians are saying GOD help us and what is going to happen in our future. Instead of worrying about the future, worry about the things that are going on in your life and household right now! Please do not get so wrapped up in what may happen that you forget to be aware of what is going on right now!

In this Matthew 6:34, GOD is telling us that we need to take one day at a time. We can only live in the moment and trust GOD to direct our steps and protect us from any upcoming days. These scriptures tell us to have FAITH and BELIEVE in what GOD says he will do for us. HE’s done before he can do it again. Tomorrow’s trouble cannot be fixed today, so ask GOD for guidance in living for today.

Keep Praying, Keep Trusting, Keep Believing, and Have Faith. GOD is near. We are missing all, be safe, and do what the law says!

Pastor William Garr and Sis. Deb

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