This month is Pastor Appreciation Month

We are taking a moment to honor our Pastor, William K. Garr, for all that he does for us. In these troubled and uncertain times, he continues to lead, teach, counsel, and serve all of us without hesitation. His work, dedication, and countless prayers are a blessing to all of us every day. As October is Pastor Appreciation Month, please join us in expressing our sincere thanks and gratitude for all his work and spiritual guidance.

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August 21th, 2022, Seventh Street Christian Church will be celebrating our 155th Church Anniversary. Our theme for this special occasion is "Grateful to God!". The scripture for the day is 1 Thessalo

We will be hosting Good Friday services at Seventh Street Christian Church, April 15, 2022 starting at 6:45pm. The theme for the evening is The Last Seven Words of Jesus Christ on the cross. Visiting